RecentChangesMultiple translations

en: { // English (NAME IN ENGLISH)
'rcm-error-linkformat' : "'$1' is an incorrect format. Please do '''not''' include 'http://' or anything after the domain, including the first '/'.",
'rcm-error-loading-syntaxhang' : "Error loading [$1] ($2 tries). Please correct syntax (or refresh script to try again).",
'rcm-error-loading-connection' : "Error loading [$1] ($2 tries). Most likely a connection issue; refresh script to try again.",
'rcm-error-trymoretimes' : "Try $1 more times",
'rcm-loading' : "Loading/Sorting...",
'rcm-refresh' : "Refresh",
'rcm-download-timestamp' : "Recent Changes downloaded at: $1",
'rcm-download-changesadded' : " - [$1 Recent Changes added]",
'rcm-wikisloaded' : "Wikis Loaded: ",
'rcm-previouslyloaded' : "Previously loaded:",
'rcm-nonewchanges' : "No new changes",
'rcm-autorefresh' : "Auto Refresh",
'rcm-autorefresh-tooltip' : "Automatically refreshes Recent Changes every $1 seconds",
'rcm-footer' : "Version $1 by $2",
'rcm-optionspanel-hideusersoverride': "data-hideusers overrides this.",
'rcm-optionspanel-savewithcookie': "Save changes with cookie",
'rcm-module-diff-title' : "Diff Viewer",
'rcm-module-diff-open' : "Open diff",
'rcm-module-diff-undo' : "Undo edit",
'rcm-unknownthreadname' : "thread",
While everything should be translated, the following things inside text should be left alone: $1, $2, data-hideusers. The first two allow dynamic values (numbers, etc) to be added to the string at run time at those locations (they may be re-ordered as needed). "data-hideusers" references a setting in the script (all of which are in English).
This script also supports the Gender magic word (based on user preferences). Example:

'message_id' : "Hello {{GENDER:|Male|Female|Neutral}} editor!",
Standard behavior applies, in that if neutral form is left off the male form is used.
This script also uses many system messages loaded from the servers (to avoid all of you translating things that have already been translated by MediaWiki / Wikia). However sometimes these are not translated in all languages, or my use of a system message might not always make sense. As such, the script is able to override any system messages used by the script if needed. All system messages used can be found here under "i18n.MESSAGES".
Post translation below (or on w:c:dev:Talk:RecentChangesMultiple if you prefer).